The NuCoast Breeze Show #20 – 8-26-21

Here’s the playlist and archive for show #20 of the NuCoast Breeze:

  1. Backman Johanson & the Others – Cut And Paste
  2. E, Just E Road Trip – Let’s Make A Million Dollars
  3. Gardner & Fuller – 17 Years (feat. Warren Wiebe)
  4. Flevans – Ambition Like Cream (feat. Scooby Jones)
  5. Benni Freibott – The Falling In Love
  6. Bleu Toucan – Aionios
  7. Maysa – Love Is A Battlefield
  8. Explorer Tapes – Change Looks Good On You
  9. 25th Street Band – Holding On To Love (feat. Joel Kibble & Josiah Ruff)
  10. Bernhoft – Come Around With Me
  11. Bonus Points – Island Getaway
  12. Henrik Hansson – Right From Wrong
  13. Tony O’Malley – Long Night of The Soul

The WestCoast Breeze 3-8-18 Playlist

Amy Holland-Here in the Light
Sylvie Vartan-Please Stay
Kim Carnes-Where Is Your Heart
Robbie Patton-Alright
State Cows-I Got the Message
Millington-Love Brought Us Together
Don Henley-The Boys of Summer
Junko Yagami-He’s My Kind
Dave Loggins-If I Had My Wish Tonight
Dionne Warwick-Take the Short Way Home
Barry Coates-Santa Barbara Girl
The Sylvers-P.S. (The Unfinished Letter)
Tony O’Malley-Feelin’ the Feelin’