The NuCoast Breeze Show #16 – 7-29-21

Here’s the playlist and archive for show #16 of the NuCoast Breeze:

  1. Walter Sobcek – Miami
  2. High South – All We Need
  3. Vaudeville Smash – Clothes Off
  4. Mae Defays – Next Time
  5. Michael Franks – Summer In New York
  6. Monkey House – Island Off The Coast Of America
  7. Stefan Olofsson – Blues To The Beat of Your Heart
  8. Sons Of Champlin – Light Up The Candles
  9. Gavin Turek – On The Line
  10. Citrus Sun – Calling Mr. Wolf
  11. Moon City Masters – Sleepwalking
  12. Poom – De La Vitesse A L’Ivresse
  13. Tim Cashion – Sure Nuf Do

The WestCoast Breeze 11-19-15 Playlist

Balance-Breaking Away
Farrell & Farrell-Make Me Ready
Steely Dan-Aja
DK-Soul Purpose
Orleans-Isn’t It Easy
Valerie Carter-Ooh Child
Ozark Mountain Daredevils-You Know Like I Know
Roby Duke-Come Let Us Reason
Mike Lundy-Love One Another
Benni Freibott-The Falling In Love
Dionne Warwick-Heartbreaker
Nick DeCaro-Getting Mighty Crowded
Sons Of Champlin-Hold On