The NuCoast Breeze – Show #42 – 1-27-22

Here’s the playlist and archive for show #42 of the NuCoast Breeze:

  1. Fancey – Turn Around Baby
  2. Dragonfruit – Exhale
  3. Shayna Steele – Be
  4. Mamas Gun – Looking for Moses
  5. Exit Someone – Sydney, The List Goes On
  6. Moses Hightower – Mjóddin
  7. Joey Dosik – Running Away
  8. State Cows – Two Kindred Spirits
  9. Allen Stone – Brown Eyed Lover
  10. Smooth Reunion – When You Hit That 6th Note
  11. Tuxedo – Watch the Dance
  12. Dornik – Drive
  13. Q-bic – Good Thing
  14. Sims – Shaking In My Sheets

The WestCoast Breeze 8-25-16 Playlist

Allspice-Slipped Away
Cheese-Man In Love
Monkey House-It Works For Me
Pure Prairie League-Let me Love You Tonight
Dwayne Ford-Stranger In Paradise
Keni Burke-Risin’ To The Top
Player-Prisoner Of Your Love
Smooth Reunion-When You Hit That 6th Note
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Dennison-Now That I’ve Got You
Rupert Holmes-Drop It
California Transit Authority-Strike (While The Iron Is Hot)
Falqo-Across The Sea

The WestCoast Breeze 4-28-16 Playlist

Prince-The Most Beautiful Girl In the World
Valerie Carter-Crazy You
James Walsh Gypsy Band-Don’t Look Back
Toshiki Kadomatsu-Office Lady
Weapons Of Peace-City
Prince-Pink Cashmere
Thierry Condor-Deeper Than The Night
Kenny Loggins-Keep The Fire
Smooth Reunion-Video Band
Kenny Rogers-You’re My Love
Night Plane-Who Knows
Tom Hansen-Special Friend

The WestCoast Breeze 7-9-15 Playlist

Michael Omartian-Fat City
Alan O’Day-How To Pick Up Girls
Larsen Feiten Band-Who’ll Be The Fool Tonight
Walter Becker-Girlfriend
Rupert Holmes-Him
Leon Ware-Why I Came To California
Matthew Larkin Cassell-Heaven
Smooth Reunion-The Connection
Walter Egan-Magnet & Steel
Stephen Sinclair-Real Thing
Jimmy Gray Hall-Be That Way
Robert Byrne-Blame It On The Night
James Walsh Gypsy Band-Cuz It’s You Girl
Joe Chemay Band-Proud
Rudy Norman-Back To The Street