The NuCoast Breeze – Show #29 – 10-28-21

Here’s the playlist and archive for show #29 of the NuCoast Breeze:

  1. Al Sunny – How Does It Feel
  2. Ali Thomson – Through The Storm
  3. Ryle featuring Seest – Never Gonna Let You Go
  4. Kait Dunton – You Gotta Know
  5. Louis Lake – Everyone Has a Flame
  6. Jack Tempchin – I Volunteer
  7. Instructions – Soft Rock Is My Radio
  8. Dragonfruit – It’s Always Sunny in L.A.
  9. JaR – Code
  10. Kathy Kosins – Uncovered Soul
  11. Brian Ellis – Nice Surprise
  12. Diane Birch – Boys on Canvas
  13. Funkisch – Gonna Be Somebody


The WestCoast Breeze 10-26-17 Playlist

David Roberts-Boys of Autumn
Favored Nations-Time in the Shade
Tomi Malm feat. Jason Scheff-Walkin’ On Air
Eagles-One Of These Nights
Player-Love In The Danger Zone
Craig Donaldson-Moonlight Marvel
Jack Tempchin feat. Rita Coolidge-Slow Dancing
Poco-Crazy Love
Sweet Comfort Band-Live It
Bobby Caldwell-Mother of Creation
Cheese-City Love
Bill Cantos-Settlin’ Down