The WestCoast Breeze 9-29-16 Playlist

Aura-Magic Lover
Nina Askeland-Stuck With the Same Man
Andreas Aleman-Living With A Starnger
Harvey Mason-Spell
James Taylor & JD Souther-Her Town Too
Paulinho Da Costa-Seeing Is Believing
Jerry Corbetta-Between A Rock And A Hard Place
Tom Scott-Sure Enough
Amy Holland-How Do I Survive
Ben Sidran-Kiss In The Night
Bell & James-Renegade
Bernie Chiaravalle-Nobody’s Business


The WestCoast Breeze 3-17-16 Playlist

Boz Scaggs-Simone
Byrne & Barnes-Love You Out Of Your Mind
Alex Call-There Goes Another Fool
Betty Wright-In Time You’ll See
Ed Motta-Captain’s Refusal
Bell & James-Ask Billie (They Tell Me)
Marty Balin-Hearts
Soweco-Only You
Didier Makaga-Watcha
Martee Lebous-For David
The Eagles-Wasted Time
Chicago-What You’re Missing